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The regularity of a dog’s stool can vary depending on many factors. Younger dogs tend to have more bowel movements, while older dogs have fewer. Below is a rough guide, but it’s important to remember that frequency alone rarely provides the full picture, and consistency must also be considered. Occasional extra or missed bowel movements are usually nothing to worry about. Several factors can affect your dog’s habits, including his diet, how often he eats, getting extra treats, picking up litter, amount of exercise, and stress. However, it’s important to consider the consistency of your dog’s poop when picking it
Picking up dog’s poop might be a little daunting for you. Have you ever thought of what it will do to the environment you’re living in if you do not remove your dog’s poop? The idea of skipping or not scooping at all might be tempting, but you need to understand that it goes against sustainability practices and has detrimental effects to the environment. By not scooping your dog’s poop, you are risking future generations and destroying the planet we live on. According to a LA Times report, 38% of people are reluctant about removing their pet’s waste. Below are
Chesapeake Bay is the most productive estuary in the United States, with more than 3,600 species of plants. But some of its major tributaries are getting polluted over time. Dog waste with a high amount of Nitrogen and Phosphorus is a leading source of it. Research indicates that only 1gram of dog fecal matter has 23 million fecal coliform bacteria. Though all the fecal matter doesn’t reach the surface water, one that is not appropriately scooped can run off into the watershed. In turn, it will disturb the natural composition of water leading to water pollution. Dog Waste in the
Getting some treats and toys for your furry friend! Subscription packages are good in many regards; usually you are searching for either clothing, toys or something to chew on. Your dog might bark with excitement at the arrival of a mail carrier. It’s a great idea to keep your canine companion entertained, refreshed, and stuffed with new toys. Here are some ideas for you to treat your pet with subscription packages. 1. Toy Subscription Package – Pet Treater Dog Box This subscription box features excellent and safe toys for your dog. With stuffed toys, squeakers, and other selected pieces, they
Keeping your house clean with the presence of dogs is a bit challenging. The reason is that the continuous hair shedding and urine accidents are difficult to handle, and let’s face it, dogs are messy animals. If you’re overwhelmed with this situation, we have a solution for you. Just stay consistent and try to keep things in order by training your dog and by developing effective cleaning habits. How To Keep Your House Clean With Dogs? The cleaning issues in the house due to dogs are mainly because of dog hair or house soiling. Here are some tips for tackling
Adding a puppy to your new house is exciting! But sometimes, it can cause issues with older dogs. Usually, these concerns start with sharing or domination. The older dog might try to protect its territory. A new puppy can also transmit diseases, which is something you want to prevent. Therefore, it is vital to maintain the mental and physical health of both. Reasons That an Adult Dog Might Avoid New Puppy While introducing a new dog to your house, it is essential to understand why the older dog is reluctant to accept it. Having this understanding will help you with
For many couples, a dog may be their first child, but when it’s time to introduce a human baby into the equation, there can be concerns about how your dog will react. Don’t worry, you are not alone in this! It’s natural to have concerns when you arrive home with a newborn. There are many things you can do to ease this transition. Let’s discuss tips on how to acquaint your furbaby with your new (significantly less furry) human baby. Prepare Your Dog Without a proper introduction, your dog may become anxious around a new baby. You need to prepare