Our Story

We are pet lovers just like you! Our owner, Keith, has been around dogs his entire life. He has worked many interesting jobs and his wife will tell you he is a swiss army knife of job experience. Over the years, his wide-ranging job titles were: High School Biology Teacher, Inorganic Chemist, Wholesale Beer Sales Manager, Lawn Specialist, and Business Owner.

One day he was cleaning up his Labrador Retriever’s poop from his very own yard and wondered if people would pay him to scoop their dog’s poop. It really was a Sh*t Happens moment. He researched the Central and Southcentral Pennsylvania region and saw a need for such a service. The poop scooping began and the rest is history!

The real unheralded heroes of the business are Keith’s wife Thao and their three children Sienna, Beaux, and Asher. They give so much, so Keith can pursue his entrepreneurial spirit. Without them, none of this would be possible.