Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a quote for service?

All of our pricing is listed on our website and there is a link at the top of our homepage. To request service, please fill out the contact us page HERE. We will follow up with a phone call in less than 24 hours to discuss pricing and our service so we can get a service agreement out to you as soon as possible.

What packages do you offer?
For dog scooping service, we offer three subscription packages (Every Other Week, Weekly, or Twice Weekly). We also offer A La Poop (one-time visits), Party Pooper services and Gift Cards.

For cat litter service, we offer weekly litter box cleaning service along with fresh litter if needed.

Do you take the waste along with you after service?
No. To keep prices affordable for residential customers, we double bag the waste and put it in a trash can they leave accessible to us outside. If there is no trash can outside, we double bag the waste and put it near the front door so the customer can remove it when they get home.
Can you work with dogs in the yard?

Absolutely. In fact, we enjoy seeing the real hero of our poopy day! All we ask is that if you have an aggressive dog, please leave them inside.

Do you scoop in the wintertime?
Yes. We work hard to provide service all winter long. Sometimes we get delayed due to weather, but rest assured, we will get there as soon as we possibly can and double back if need be.
Can I pick a day/time for service?
No. Unfortunately, due to weather, traffic, and other circumstances, we cannot guarantee such a request. Our promise to you is that we will do everything possible to not miss a service as we try to keep scheduled routes.
Do you offer a guarantee?
Yes, we offer a 100% No Hassle Guarantee. If you are unhappy after our service, please contact us and we will send a technician out within 48 hours to rescoop your property or clean your litter box.
Can I not do automatic billing for my subscription?
Unfortunately, no. We are a small, family-owned business. To keep costs low and service at the forefront, we only offer automatic billing for subscription service.
Are you insured?
Yes, we are insured and licensed in the areas we service.
How often is cat litter service provided?
Cat litter service is provided weekly. We will make two stops. The first to remove old litter and take the dirty box for cleaning. And the second stop is later in the week to bring a clean litter box with litter (if needed).
Do you scoop our cat litter boxes?
No. We are emptying the litter boxes weekly, cleaning, and sanitizing on a schedule. Any scooping of clumps will need to be done by the client throughout the week.
Will you enter my house for cat litter service?
The short answer is no. You will set the litter box out for us on the day of service.

The longer answer is that if you are elderly, disabled, pregnant, or a cancer patient, we will do everything in our power to make our service coincide with days you are home so we can enter the home and do the heaving lifting for you. You will need to be home if this is to occur.

How many cats are you willing to service?
Unlimited. Our cat litter service is priced by the litter box, not by the cats.