Picking up dog’s poop might be a little daunting for you. Have you ever thought of what it will do to the environment you’re living in if you do not remove your dog’s poop? The idea of skipping or not scooping at all might be tempting, but you need to understand that it goes against sustainability practices and has detrimental effects to the environment. By not scooping your dog’s poop, you are risking future generations and destroying the planet we live on.

According to a LA Times report, 38% of people are reluctant about removing their pet’s waste. Below are some solid and logical reasons to persuade you to pick up your dog’s waste.

1. It Affects Our Waterways

If you take your dog on a walk and he pooped in the bushes or road, you might not care about it and move along. But when rainfall comes, it will be carried to water tributaries through the drainage system, resulting in dog waste pollution. Also, you might face the same situation taking a stroll on the beach or possibly just outside your home in your very own backyard.

The bottom line is that if you are not disposing of your dog’s waste in an ethical way, you are contributing to high fecal matter counts in the water table around us. According to research, 30% of bacteria in the water are caused by pet waste. Just think of the unsanitary water and conditions when your kids go for a swim or use water for other purposes. It will only lead to contaminated water or eventually severe illness.

Water with high amounts of waste also becomes unusable for the local communities and water-living organisms. Also, these areas close down boating, fishing, and swimming completely. Sometimes, there is a growth of algae and weeds in such water, called algal blooms, making it entirely polluted and unusable.

2. It Contains Unhealthy Bacteria and Parasites

Dog poop can lead to transmitting diseases in humans, either from bacteria or parasites. The infections transmitted from bacteria include:

  • Yersiniosis is a disease that leads to infection in the human intestines. Its risk increases if present in water.
  • E. Coli infections are most common in people having a weak immune system. It can cause fever, nausea, stomach cramps, and can lead to death.
  • Salmonellosis can also transfer due to dog poop and lead to headaches, diarrhea, muscle aches, and fever.

The infections transmitted from parasites include:

  • Roundworm, which can cause blindness, and it can be transmitted through dog waste.
  • Tapeworms may cause infection because of the same reason. In humans, they can stick to the intestine and absorb nutrients.
  • Cyclospora infection may also be caused due to dog poop causing illness in human beings.
  • Cryptosporidium and Giardia parasites transmitted through the dog fecal matter can cause intestinal disease in humans.

As shown above, if dog poop removal is not done effectively, it can lead to several health hazards in humans. These bacteria and parasites are easily preventable with proper poop scooping methods.

3. Poop Scooping Is A LAW

In some areas, dog poop cleanup is termed as a LAW. It is most certainly a moral and ethical responsibility to pick up your dog’s poop from public areas or your home. The law is referred to as the “Pooper Scooper Law.” It says that if the dog owners do not pick up the fecal matter, they will be fined. A park in Madrid, Spain might mail it back to you if you don’t clean it up as per the Washington Post.

Such a situation does not prevail in all areas, but it always helps to be a good member of the community and clean up after your pet. The smell is quite overwhelming, and it will cause restlessness for several neighbors. Not to mention the environmental impacts associated with no cleanup at all.

4. Dog Poop Is NOT Fertilizer

If you think that the dog’s poop will act as Fertilizer like a cow’s manure, you are wrong. The diet of dogs is usually high in protein; hence their effect is opposite to Fertilizer. Dog fecal matter is highly acidic, having nitrogen and phosphorus in it. It is harmful to lawn grass and can destroy any vegetables if grown (because of bacteria).

It Is A Pollutant

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) describes dog fecal matter as a pollutant. It is because of two factors: pathogens and nutrients. When runoff moves into the water, the pathogens can encounter humans, causing illness. Nutrients can also cause contamination of water bodies and algal blooms in water. The water is deemed unuseable afterward.

Some Tips Regarding Dog Poop Clean Up

Cleaning the poop of your dog is your responsibility as a pet owner. Here are some tips you can follow when it comes to dog poop removal:

  • Use A Waste Bag While Moving Outside

When you take your dog on a walk, carry a poop bag with you. It will prevent you and other people from the hassle of the stinky smell, all while protecting the environment. Also, make sure that the bag is biodegradable. The bags made from plastic are not eco-friendly and have devastating effects on the environment due to slow decomposition.

  • Use Nutrient-Rich Dog Food

High-quality dog food will help your dog to ingest more and eliminate less. So, make sure that it’s nutrient-rich and balanced in terms of your dog’s dietary requirements. Consult with your local Veterinarian to find a brand that will work for your dog.

  • Do Not Let Your Dog Poop Near Water

While moving outside, don’t let your dog poop near water. It will have hazardous effects on the water affecting marine life and water quality. The water will not be able to continue its renewable cycle, resulting in fecal pollution.

Also, make sure to house-train your dog to prevent any mishaps in public places. A trained dog should help eliminate putting you in any sticky situations.

  • Use Dog Waste Removal Service

If poop removing is something you’re not into, choose professional dog poop scooper services to take care of this matter. Poop Genie is the best option in this regard. There are several packages available depending on your budget, with scheduled visits for protecting your pets and family.

Convenience and communication are also front of mind as Poop Genie offers text message services a day before their visit. This helps you keep needed gates open and aggressive dogs inside as they scoop. Rest assured, they are top-notch.

In Conclusion

Not scooping your dog poop is detrimental to the environment, your family, and your pets. This chore might be irritating for you but is essential to continue being a good steward of the environment and communities around us. You can hire dog waste removal services like Poop Genie in this regard. Learn to know more about us. Whatever you do, make sure that you are playing your part in sustaining this wonderful planet we call Earth.







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