Cat Owners

We are Pennsylvania’s one and only Cat Litter Service.  Tired of cleaning cat litter pans?  Are you pregnant or are you concerned about diseases from cleaning cat litter boxes?  Contact us today to discuss service!

Cat Litter Service Benefits

Sanitized and Clean Litter Box

No More Scrubbing Litter Boxes Yourself

No More Heavy Lifting

You Choose Litter Brand

Our Technicians Will Not Enter Your House Unless Needed (pregnant, cancer patient, elderly, disabled)

Healthier Cats

How Does Cat Litter Service Logistics Work?

  1. The Client Purchases One Additional Litter Box for Each Location (we charge per litter box, not per number of cats)
  2. Client Puts Out Litter Box for Cleaning on Scheduled Day
  3. Client Replaces Removed Litter Box with Fresh Litter Box
  4. Technician Empties Old Cat Litter, Double Bags Waste, and Deposits in Client’s Trash
  5. Technician Cleans and Sanitizes Litter Box on Location
  6. Cycle Repeats Based on Schedule Chosen by Client


Safety is paramount in providing you the customer and our technicians the best experience possible. Our goal is to always offer the safest environment possible for you, your family, and your pets.

Below are some measures we take to ensure this happens all day, every day!


We spray sterilize all equipment and boots before moving to our next property.

No Contact

With COVID-19 concerns, we no longer shake hands of customers or knock-on doors. A simple door hanger will be placed on your front door after each service.

Text Message Alerts

We text in advance which allows you to ensure all locks are open and aggressive pets are inside during service.


All technicians will be branded with our logoed shirt and hat.