Keeping your house clean with the presence of dogs is a bit challenging. The reason is that the continuous hair shedding and urine accidents are difficult to handle, and let’s face it, dogs are messy animals. If you’re overwhelmed with this situation, we have a solution for you. Just stay consistent and try to keep things in order by training your dog and by developing effective cleaning habits.

How To Keep Your House Clean With Dogs?

The cleaning issues in the house due to dogs are mainly because of dog hair or house soiling. Here are some tips for tackling them.

1. Properly Removing Dog Hair From Your Home

The shedding of dog fur might seem ordinary, but it’s frustrating to clean them. Here are some tips for you in this regard.

a) Use A Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

A powerful vacuum cleaner with effective suction capability can solve this hassle. Ensure that your vacuum cleaner does not get clogged easily by excessive hair and has a good filter that is easy to clean.

b) Pet Hair Removal Products

For removing the hair from your clothes, sofas, or cushions, you can try rubber brushes and lint rollers for effective cleaning. They’ll help out in removing hair from any soft material.

c) Regular Dog Grooming

The grooming cannot stop the shedding process, but it’ll help to keep the shedding at bay. Also, grooming is helpful for maintaining healthy dog skin.

2. Regular Cleaning Of Dog Bedding

It’s essential to clean up your dog’s space regularly. A dirty place can lead to smell and is not suitable for good dog hygiene as well. It will lead to the incorporation of bacteria and viruses, affecting your dog’s health and causing discomfort. So, make sure to clean the bedding portion in intervals.

Also, be vigilant while considering air fresheners and cleaning products. Try to go with economical and eco-friendly organic products to prevent toxicity issues. For instance, some essential oils can be hazardous for your canine companion. Be sure to read reviews on products and ask lots of questions when choosing a healthy air freshener for your home.

3. Dealing With Urine Smell

Your dog might be adequately house-trained, but accidents can happen. It would be best if you cleaned the stains and waste immediately before the waste settles into your floor. Old stains and smells will take some time to be removed.

a) How To Remove New Urine Stains And Smell From poop sFabric Or Carpet?

For removing the urine stains from the fabric or carpet, you need to carry out the following steps.

  • Put some towels on the area of the accident and make a thick layer. Then place a newspaper over it.

  • Apply pressure on that area with some solid object to increase the absorption of urine.

  • Remove the towels and clean the area with clear water. Rinse it well and blot the water.

For odor removal, here is the to-do list.

  • After cleaning the stain, spread the baking soda over the wet spot.

  • Sprinkle a tiny amount of 2-3 tsp and leave it for the night.

  • Then, vacuum properly until the area is cleaned and powder is removed.

You can also use commercial cleaning spray or vinegar-water mixture to help with odor removal.

b) How To Get Old Dog Urine Smell Out Of Carpet?

To get the old stains and smell out of your fabric, try the following steps.

  • Rinse the area with plain water and use the wet vac. Do not try the steam cleaner, as it will harden the stain.

  • You can also use the blotting technique after proper rinsing.

  • Then, use an enzymatic cleaner for pet stains to remove the odor from the carpet or fabric.

c) How To Remove Urine Stains And Smell From Hardwood?

In the case of hardwood floors, you need to hurry up to clean the waste.

  • Place a lot of paper towels and newspapers on the waste. Then apply pressure by standing on them to increase the absorption process.

  • After absorption, remove the paper towels and mix the water and vinegar solution in equal amounts.

  • Spray the mixture over the floor and wipe it with a towel.

In case of odor, use the same process of baking soda as specified in the carpet section above. If you still feel any smell, use the enzymatic cleaner as well. While cleaning waste, the most important thing is to identify and clean it instantly. Long exposure to cloth or floor makes it difficult to remove the odor later.

d) Effective Removal of Dog Poop

If your dog is properly house trained, a dog will still possibly roll or bring in poop odors into the house. Removing poop from your outdoor spaces also ensures a healthy environment indoors. Although it’s not inside, it is still dangerous because of harmful pathogens in it.

The removal is also essential for the conservation of the environment. Dog waste is not like cow manure which will act as fertilizer or decompose on its own. If left untreated, it will flow towards water bodies during rain events and disturb aquatic life. Also, it will affect aesthetic beauty and is not a sustainable practice.

The transmission of pathogens to humans from dog feces is also hazardous. It can cause diseases in humans through bacteria and viruses. Therefore, your best practice is to hire a pet waste removal service for your home.

Try A Waste Removal Service

Poop scooping services are simple to hire and effective if you are not comfortable in disposing of dog waste. Poop Genie is good to consider in this regard. With scheduled visits and top-notch customer support, they’ll solve your hassle of tracking harmful dog waste into your home. Learn to know more about us.

They will indirectly help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the entire family. Not only will you be helping prevent disease to your dogs and family, but you will also be lessening the burden environmentally while maintaining good healthy scooping habits.

Bringing It All Together

That was all about keeping your house clean in the presence of dogs. Whether it is hair or waste, proper and consistent cleaning is essential for maintaining an excellent quality of life and home. Be sure not to miss another wonderful odor-free day inside by using some of the hints in this article.


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